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PACMON: High Strength & Abrasion Resistant Low/Ultra low Cement Castable.

  • The range of Low Cement/Ultra Low Cement Castables ideal for applications requiring superior erosion resistance, volume stability.
  • Available with high density, lower porosity and higher crushing strengths at all temperatures.
  • Raw materials are specially chosen for superior performance.
  • The L.C Castables are available with various alumina contents to suit customer needs.

Low Cement Castables                                    PACMON LC                                                                                                                                          

Ultra Low Cement Castables                          PACMON ULC

PACFLOW: High Strength & Abrasion Resistant Self Flow Castables.

  • PACFLOW are self flowing castables which can be applied by pouring or pumping to fill moulds or form work without vibration.
  • Low porosity, higher service temperatures & improved Thermal shock resistance.
  • Ideal for quick installation in most complicated locations, as the material flows without the help of vibrations.

Pacflow Low Cement Castables                      PACFLOW LC

PACAST / PACRETE: High / Medium Purity Dense Castables.

  • A wide range of dense castables in high & medium purity varieties. These are used in various applications by different industries.
  • Hydraulically bonded castables for high temperatures.
  • Based on alumino silicates, corundum & sintered aggregates.
  • High purity Tabular Alumina Castables for stringent operating conditions in Fertilizer, Refineries, Petrochemicals etc.
  • Good impact strength.
  • Minimum shrinkage.
  • High Resistance to abrasion.
  • Excellent volume stability.
  • These are ready to install, high / medium purity cartable Refractories which develop superior strengths on exposure to heat and under operating conditions.

High Purity Dense Castables                              PACTAB

Medium Purity Dense Castables                        PACRETE

PROLITE: Medium & Low iron Insulating Castables.

  • A wide range of insulating castables in high & medium purity varieties.
  • Minimum shrinkage and excellent volume stability.
  • Low Thermal Conductivity ensures minimum heat loss with significant fuel savings.
  • Hydraulically setting, ready to install, these castables develop superior strengths at operating temperatures.


Insulating Castables (Medium Iron)                            PROLITE

Insulating Castables (Low Iron)                                   PROLITE-Li


ALUPAC: Non-wetting Castables for Aluminium Industry.

  • A range of castables ideally suited for Aluminium melting and holding furnaces.
  • Exceptional Resistance to wetting by molten Aluminium alloys. This results in longer refractory life, cleaner alloys & lower costs.
  • Superior erosion resistance, volume stability & better thermal shock resistance.
  • Available with various alumina contents to suit customer needs.

Non Wetting Castable                                                   ALUPAC


  • Refractory Plastics & ramming masses are monolithic Refractories which develop good structural strength upon exposure to heat.
  • Plastics are of semi-stiff consistency and are installed primarily by pneumatic Ramming.
  • Ramming mixes are similar to plastics but contain less moisture, have less plasticity and can be placed by ramming or tamping.


Plastics & Ramming Masses                       PACPLAST
(45% to 90% Al₂O₃)                                         PACPLAST-SPL

Special Type Castables


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