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PACELL/HYPOR: Cellular & Conventional Insulating Bricks.

  • The PACELL Insulating bricks are specially formulated with uniform independent pores, so as to ensure maximum insulating efficiency. They are available in ASTM grade 23, 26, 28 & 30. Suitable for Temperatures of 1260  ̊C to 1650  ̊C.
  • Apart from low thermal conductivity, PACELL bricks have high strength, low iron, low PLC and High P.C.E, making them ideal for Fertilizers, Refineries, Petrochemicals, Carbon / chemical & Steel plants.
  • The conventional insulating bricks have moderately high strength, low bulk density, low thermal conductivity and are suitable for temperatures of 1100  ̊C to 1400  ̊C.
  • They are used in a variety of applications, both as hot face or back up linings in furnaces, heaters, cyclones, ducting, convections sections etc.

Special Insulating Bricks                                     PACELL

Conventional Insulating Bricks                          HYPOR


  • Fireclay & High Alumina dense fire bricks with high cold crushing strengths.
  • High P.C.E. & RUL make these Firebricks ideal for a variety of applications.

Fire Clay Bricks

High Alumina Bricks


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