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Acid Resisting Materials


  • Acid Resistant Bricks are supplied in two qualities. As per IS: 4860 Class-I &Class-II.
  • These are also supplied in various shapes as per clients requirements.
  • Acid Resistant Class-I Bricks/ Shapes are recommended for serve types of corrosive environments such as Sulphuric Acid Plants, acid storage tanks, pickling tanks, Sulphur Pits etc. They are also used in heavy duty floors, subject to frequent contact with corrosive acids.
  • Acid Resistant Class-II Bricks/ Shapes are recommended for floors & working areas which are subject to occasional spillage of acids & in contact with dry chemicals, as in Fertilizer silos etc.

Acid Resistant Bricks    


PACAST-AR: Acid Resisting Castable

  • Acid Resisting Castable is used in Ducts, Stacks/Chimneys and other areas where the flue gas is acidic in nature.
  • It is suitable for hand placement as well as guniting.

Acid Resistant Castable                                                            PACAST-AR


  • CERABONS-AR is a special silicate type Acid proof mortar. It consists of a liquid binder and porcelain/silica filler. As the mortar contains no reactive Chemicals, It has excellent resistance to concentrated acids and chemicals. The mortar is totally inert to all organic solvents.
  • FURALSET Mortar is a Furane resin based bonding cement employed for resistance to acids and alkalies for concentrations and for temperature up to 170 ̊C.
  • BITUMASTIC used for applying as monolithic layer over concrete surfaces. It is a powder mix preparation. It is melted and applied hot in layers of approx. 6 mm thick. After proper application, the layer becomes practically impervious. Before applying it is advisable to give one coat of priming solution to the concrete surface.
  • PHENOLSET is a Phenolic resin cement. It is resistant practically to all non-oxidizing inorganic acid, organic acid, oil, grease and solvent. It is suitable for use upto a temperature of 145  ̊C. It is not suitable for uses under alkaline condition.

Acid Resistant Mortars
(Potassium Silicate Based)                                                 CERABOND-AR
(Furane Resin Based)                                                          FURLSET
(Bitumen mastic Based)                                                       BITUMASTIC
(Phenolic Resin Based)                                                       PHENOLSET



Specially formulated Chemical Grade Carbon bricks are suitable for Phosphoric acid, Sulphuric acid & Hydrofluoric acid plants etc. Also available with low ash content.

Carbon Bricks                                                


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